Justin Timberlake performed at Amway Center in Orlando.

Yep. Definitely Brought Sexy Back.

Justin Timberlake put on an AMAZING show Dec. 19 at Amway Center in downtown Orlando, and we were there!! Eeeeeeeekkkk!

  • On Dec. 19, 2013, Justin Timberlake put on an incredible show for a sold-out crowd at Amway Center in downtown Orlando, and oh my goodness oh my goodness I was there!! It was the last leg of the tour, and it's so fitting it was in Orlando, the city JT described as "A place I live, a place I love, a place I'll never forget."

    My words won't do the concert justice, so let's just enjoy the pics shall we? My full album is on Facebook! Enjoy!




    And here's the link to allllll the pictures from that wonderful evening: allllll the pictures

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