We tried some great red wines this week.

Weekly Wine Update No. 5

It's been a slow week in the wine-drinking world. But we did find some great reds!

  • It wasn't the busiest of weeks in the drinking world, but Kate and I did manage to find some great reds! If you're more of a white wine kinda person, then I feel it only fair to say I'm about to recommend some good wines, but not a single one is a chardonnay or pinot grigio. I apologize!

    Kate sampled two wines this week, and she gives both the green light to purchase:

    Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 — In Kate's own words: "I really enjoyed this one. It's different; it has a lighter consistency than most red wines, but I felt like the flavor was more dynamic. I also love that it is an event wine. It only comes out the third Thursday of November each year, and I shared it with my family on Thanksgiving. Even the non-red wine drinking members of my family enjoyed it.

    But her glowing recommendation was for the Trapiche 2010 Broquel Malbec — "100! This is one wine that I can confirm deserves to be on the list of Top 100 Best Wines Under $15. It's got great depth, aroma and flavor. This is the type of wine that makes me love red wine. If you see this wine in a store, buy all the bottles you can get your hands on."

    I tried two red wines this week. Let's discuss them from lesser to better:

    Soul Sister Pinot Noir — The label looked cool so I thought I'd try it. I give it three out of five stars. If you're a wine lover, I would probably skip this one. It has an odd smell, like it's been left out or something? The color is spot on for a pinot, and the flavor is good, but there are better pinots out there.

    Pennywise Pinot Noir — Much better! Not super expensive, but it was recommended at my local wine shop, and I definitely enjoyed it. It's light and fruity, and nice and smooth.

    Like I said, not a super busy week on the wine front. But that's OK! It just means next week we'll have to make up for it.

    Our grand total is 35 wines sampled, 65 to go, 3.5 weeks to get it done. Wow, that sounds scary. But we can do this! Happy wining! #TO100wines


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