7th Annual Shampooch

September 28th - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Bring your dog and family downtown for the Shampooch fundraiser with food, drink, silent auction, raffles, and dog-washing fun!

Washington Street from Hyer to Summerlin in Thornton Park.
804 E. Washington St., Orlando, FL, 32801
(407) 245-7006
  • Shampooch is a downtown event held annually in Orlando featuring dogwashes and fundraising to benefit local animal rescue shelters including A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Humane Society of Florida/Royal Animal Rescue, Pitiful Pups, Ruff World, and Cats Are My Love. More than 400 dogs are washed at the event yearly, thanks to Lambs Eat Ivy Salon.

     $40 professional portraits of your pet, and $5 raffle.

    Shampooch invites owners to bring their pets for a scrubbing at the dog wash. Minimum donation to have your dog washed is $10. There's also $5 nail trimming by Woof!

    The event will also feature silent auctions and $5 raffles, including hotel stays, local entertainment, gift baskets, and an iPad that one lucky person will get to take home. Local Orlando vendors will be displayed and professional pet portraits will be offered for dog-lovers. There will be music with DJ Smilin' Dan, food vendors and trucks, and rescue groups with information about helping out local animal shelters.

    Shampooch will be held on Washington Street from Hyer to Summerlin in Thornton Park.

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