Food Truck Rally - The Estates

Second Wednesday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

If you're looking for food trucks in Orlando, try out this meet-up with a variety of dinner items to choose from and share with friends!

At the Estates at Park Avenue in Metrowest.
2801 Biltmore Park Drive, Orlando, FL, 32835
(407) 313-9090
  • Food Truck Rally at the Estates in Metrowest is a gathering of local food trucks in the Orlando community. The meet-up features 3 to 4 food trucks providing different dishes to choose from. The trucks are gourmet trucks, which means everything is cooked to order and not made beforehand. It also means that there may be a line and wait, but the end result is preferable to any fast food meal one would get.

    Food trucks are a great way to enjoy community life and the outdoor environment while eating a meal. The food trucks cannot set up tables and chairs, but they invite visitors to bring their own. Even tents and blankets are welcome - anything that will make your meal more comfortable.

    Food Truck Rally is a family-friendly event, so let mom or dad take a break from cooking dinner and bring the kids out for some local food.

    This Food Truck dinner is located at the Estates at Park Avenue in Metrowest.

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