Gallery Talks

First Wednesday of every Month at 1:30pm at Orlando Museum of Art

Explore the exhibits in the Orlando Museum of Art by learning from a refreshing guided tour!

At Loch Haven Park.
2416 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, 32801
(407) 896-4231
  • The Orlando Museum of Art reaches out and gives their guests a tour of the exhibits on display the first Wednesday of every month. Led by the museum's associate curator of adult programs, Jan Clanton, each OMA collection is described in detail.

    The museum's mission is to cultivate an appreciation of the arts through artists and art lovers. With Gallery Talks, the museum is doing just that. The intimate space provides a deeper exploration of the pieces on display. The guided tours are free with admission into the exhibits. Gallery Talks is approximately 30 minutes long.

    The Orlando Museum of Art is located in Loch Haven Park.

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