Orlando Nerd Fest

Aug. 7–11, 2014

Watch as the coolest nerd bands convene for an Orlando musical festival featuring vendors, panelists, food, and drinks.

At the Orlando Airport Marriott.
7499 Augusta National Drive, Orlando, FL, 32822
  • Orlando Nerd Fest is comprised of some of the most experienced and influential people in the nerd music community. There are currently 10 board members and 30 employees working to give you the best weekend of your life. Our total combined experience in running large scale shows and multi-day events comes out to about 115 years.You will get to experience a large collection of the many different types of nerd related music as well as other special events, guest panels, and community based activities.

    This year's Orlando Nerd Fest music festival consists of live performances by a multitude of nerd genre bands and performers. Nerdcore music is characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, like politics, tv shows, video games, and science. The festival will also pay host to Orlando businesses with vendors selling art, comic books, merchandise, music, food, and drinks.

    Thursday and Monday festival days are free and open to the public. Friday is $20, Saturday is $30, Sunday is $15, and a 3-day pass is $50. There is also a Supporter 3-day Pass that include an event t-shirt and special Supporter Badge.

    The festival is an all ages environment at its core, but it is to the discretion of the parent to determine what is appropriate for their children. Acts may range anywhere from PG to R, and it is best to research performances directly before the show to be properly informed.


    Nobuo Uematsu
    The Wordburglar
    Kirby Krackle
    The Doubleclicks
    Schaffer the Darklord
    The Megas
    Devo Spice
    The Great Luke Ski
    Dr. Awkward
    Random Encounter
    Those Who Fight
    Critical Hit

    Orlando Nerd Fest will be held at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

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