Player 1 Video Game Bar

Visitors to this bar can play video games, compete, and enjoy a variety of drinks from beer and microbrews, to wine and cocktails!

In the Vista Centre Shoppes.
8562 Palm Pkwy., Orlando, FL, 32386
(407) 504-7521
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Hours of Operation

Sun: 4:00 pm - 2:00 am
Mon - Fri: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sat: 4:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Profile Overview

    Player 1 Video Game Bar is a bar and arcade venue, also called a barcade. It is one of Orlando's places to play games and drink. They serve a variety of unique drinks including beers, cocktails, and wine. Guests can also order something to munch on from the menu like popcorn, Chinese noodles and fried rice, Cuban and Italian hand wrapped subs, and pizza.

    The beer selection at this Orlando bar includes ales and lagers that are on tap or bottled. It also has seasonal beers throughout the year and microbrews from names like Shipyard Brewing Company and Southern Tier. Guests can order red and white wines, energy drinks, or mixed sodas like their Nuka Cola with cherry mead and cola.

    Along with drinks and food, the bar boasts a large collection of video games. There are free coin-op classic arcade games like Galaga, Killer Instinct, and pinball machines. An interactive dance floor allows guests to compete in motion gaming events, karaoke, dance offs, Band Hero, and Kinect games. You can sit in one of their 5 dedicated PC seats, or bring your own laptop to play games on. Player 1 Video Game Bar prides itself on a collection of consoles that include Atari 2600/5200, Colecovision, NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Nintendo64, Sega Saturn, Playstation 1, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, X360, and PC.

    Player 1 Video Game Bar also has a tournament lounge with a massive LCD screen, multiples game systems, your choice of an X rocker seat or a 2 seat sofa, and a femme fatale game character serving drinks. Participate in nightly game tournaments to win some cash.

    Check for weekly events at Player 1 Video Game Bar in Orlando including Service Industry Night on Tuesday and Ladies Night on Wednesday.

    Player 1 Video Game Bar is located in the Vista Centre Shoppes in Lake Buena Vista.

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