Central Florida Ballet

Stunning performances and skillful training can be found at this elite dance studio!

On Maggie Blvd just off of L B McLeod.
3306 Maggie Blvd., Orlando, 32811
(407) 849-9942
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    The Central Florida Ballet specializes in providing premier ballet classes for all ages from children to teens to adults. Their recitals are featured events in the city and draw many people. Their academy has produced dancers who have gone on to world-renowned dance companies such as the San Francisco Ballet, the Royal Ballet School in London, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu in Romania.

    Classes are divided into several different levels and age groups to cater to each dancer's skill level. Children as young as 3 can sign up. There are also adult classes, whether you're an intermediate dancer or you danced as a kid and want to return to the ballet bar. Ballet classes are a great way to exercise, make friends, and practice a unique skill.

    The Central Florida Ballet also offers summer camps for children and studio space for rental.

    The Central Florida Ballet is located on Maggie Road just off of L B McLeod.

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