iFLY Orlando Indoor Skydiving

Feel the sensation of flying at this indoor bodyflight facility!

Look for the blue and yellow wind tunnel tower.
6805 Visitors Circle, Orlando, 32819
(407) 903-1150
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    If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of free-falling without jumping out of a plane thousands of feet above the ground, then check out iFLY Orlando. This indoor skydiving stage allows guests to fly in the air above a controlled wind tunnel, mimicking the sensation of flight.

    Almost anyone can fly, including 3-year olds, the elderly, and flyers with disabilities. Some of the only exceptions include people who have a neck or shoulder injury, or pregnant women. An instructor will stand by to show you the ropes of flying in the wind tunnel, and to make sure you're comfortable.

    If you book a flight, arrive an hour early to allow time for signing papers, dressing in, and attending training.

    All flights include suit, goggle, and helmet rental, as well as a training session.

    iFLY Orlando is located near I-Drive, Look for the blue and yellow wind tunnel tower.

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  • Admission | Ticket Prices

    First-Time Flyer
    -Earn Your Wings (2 flights, 1 personalized certificate)$59.95
    -Spread Your Wings (4 flights or 2 double-length flights, 1 personalized certificate)$99.95
    -Take Flight Package (10 flights or 5 double-length flights, DVD of your flight, 1 personalized certificate)$212.95
    Return Flyer
    -Earn Your Wings$46.95
    -Spread Your Wings$79.95
    -Take Flight Package$174.95
    Experience Flyer
    -5 Minute Block$79.95
    -10 Minute Block (up to 2 flyers)$149.95
    -15 Minute Block (up to 4 flyers)$214.95
    -30 Minute Block (up to 8 flyers)$419.95
    -60 Minute Block (up to 12 flyers)$645
    Groups and Parties
    -Family Package (up to 5 people, 10 flights or 5 double length flights, DVD of flight session)$269.95
    -Party Package (up to 12 people, 24 flights or 12 double-length flights, DVD of flight session)$599.95
    -Super Swooper Party Package (up to 12 people, 24 flights or 12 double length flights, 12 DVDs of flight session, decorated party room and pizza)$899.95
    -Corporate Super Saver (up to 12 people, 24 flights or 12 double length flights, DVD of flight session, conference room with flat-screen TV and DVD player)$689.95
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