Janice Beauty Salon Haircuts

Across from Titanic the Experience.
7243 International Dr., Orlando, 32819
(407) 264-9700
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    Janice Beauty Salon Haircuts is a full-service salon open in Orlando, which serves a wide variety of patrons and hair styles. No haircut or customer is too difficult. Janice Beauty Salon Haircuts offers cutting edge hair salon and coloring services for men and women in the heart of Orlando. Janice Beauty Salon also specializes in black hair styles, using high quality hair products that guarantee the most exquisite super curly, texturized or relaxed styles. If you're looking for a new style, just show the stylists what you want, whether it's traditional or trendy, and they'll work to give you the desired results.

    Some extensions using damaging glues, but Janice Beauty Salon Haircuts offers quality hair extensions that don't harm hair. They have top quality hair extensions made by sewing or whip stitching with a needle and cotton nylon thread. Janice also has hair braiding services. Hair braiding service in Orlando is also known as hair integration or hair intensification by many. Men and women go in for this process to increase the volume of their hair. If you have undergone radiation and have lost hair, you may also opt for hair braiding to cover your hair loss.

    There are tons of salon services you can seek at Janice Beauty Salon, from manicures to pedicures, haircuts to rebonds, and waxing to massages. Just ask about their beauty services.

    Janice Beauty Salon is located on I-Drive across from Titanic the Experience.

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