Orange Avenue Gym

Kickboxing, Yoga, Muay Thai, and general fitness in a fun way.

North of Lake Ivanhoe
1616 Orange Avenue, Orlando, 32804
(407) 601-5919
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Hours of Operation

Come In, We're Open!
Sun: Closed
Mon - Sat: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Profile Overview

    Orange Avenue Gym is a fitness center that focuses on promoting health and fitness through activities and classes. From activities like kickboxing and Muay Thai to yoga, they emphases keeping your body healthy in a variety of ways to help you live better and feel more alive.

    Some of their classes include:

    Cardio Lift - Full-body weight training

    Kickboxing - Learn the sport of kickboxing

    Cardio Kickboxing - fast-paced, constant movement kickboxing that attacks body fat

    Inner Circle - year-round wellness class that dabbles in a variety of training options

    TRX Fusion - a combination of functional strength and conditioning

    Yoga - improves flexibility and strength while also relieving stress

    Yoga Flow - mediation, deep stretching, and invigorating yoga postures

    Yogalates - combination of yoga and pilaties that increases flebility and strengthens your core.

    Orange Avenue Gym also offers specialty programs for youth conditioning and sports development, amature boxing, Brazilian Capoeira, self defense, boot camp and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have several pricing options depending on your goals and interests, and require no contracts or registration fees.

    Orange Avenue Gym is located on Orange Avenue just north of Lake Ivanhoe.

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