Stagger Inn

Don't let the name fool ya; this ain't just a country bar. Drink specials, karaoke, outdoor seating and live music make people walk, run and stagger to this corner bar.

At the corner of Central Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue
100 E.Central Blvd., Orlando, 32801
(407) 317-8484
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    This Western bar and club provides a perfect venue for socializing, drinking, and just plain staggering. Its downtown location makes it a great stop for those enjoying the Orlando nightlife. Drink specials and happy hour are available throughout the week

    You don't have to be wearing cowboy boots or a 10-gallon hat to fit in. Stagger Inn is more than just a country bar — it's a legitimate club environment. Karaoke night, strong drinks, and live music and DJ add variety to this locale. Stagger Inn is smoke-friendly, and the windows open up to give it a great outdoors feel.

    Stagger Inn is located at the intersection of East Central Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue.

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