A huge part of the Super Bowl is watching the Super Bowl commercials.

Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013 & Budweiser Ones We Can't Forget

Even if you don't love the Super Bowl, you know you love watching the multimillion-dollar commercials. Come onnnnnnn, admit it. And don't worry, in case you've forgotten how awesome they are, we have a little refresher for you!

  • Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes we talk about Super Bowl commercials as much (or more) than the two teams playing the game. But why shouldn’t we?! Companies pay biiiiig bucks to advertise during the most-watched football game of the year, so it’s only right we acknowledge their frivolous spending with water cooler chatter about the best and worst commercials shown during the largest televised sporting event in the U.S.

    In anticipation of the 2014 commercials, we've put together a list of the Top 10 best Super Bowl commercials from 2013 (in no particular order), as well as a pretty phenomenal list of the all-time most memorable Budweiser commercials to air during the Super Bowl. Because let’s face it, other than car commercials, Budweiser and its Clydesdales have pretty much dominated the Super Bowl commercials world.

    Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

    Taco Bell 'Viva Young'


    Samsung 'Next Big Thing' with Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd
    (OK, we said "no particular order," but this is definitely top 3!)


    Jeep 'Whole Again'
    (Go grab some tissues. This moving tear-jerker is narrated by Oprah and honors the brave men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces.)


    Mercedes Benz starring Willem Dafoe as the devil, with appearances by Kate Upton and Usher
    (Because anything with Dafoe automatically makes the list.)


    Kia 'Space Babies'


    Doritos 'Fasionista Daddy'
    (2013 winner of Doritos’ annual commercial competition)


    Cars.com 'Dramatized Focus Group'
    Hahaha! Would you not die?!)


    Audi 'Prom'
    (Rated as one of the best of the best in 2013. You
    gotta love this kid!)


    Best Buy 'Asking Amy' with Amy Poehler


    Hyundai 'Team'
    (How awesome are these kids?! I mean, the bear wrangler?!)


    Most Memorable Budweiser Commercials of All Time

    Bud Bowl — 1989


    Frogs — 1995
    (Is there anyone over age 30 who doesn’t know these frogs?!)


    Lizards — 1997


    Wassup? — 2000


    9/11 Clydesdales Tribute — 2002
    (Super Bowl 2002 was the one and only time this commercial aired. Hope you kept those tissues handy.)


    Brotherhood — 2013
    (Originally made our Best of 2013 list, but it needed to be included with the best Budweiser commercials. Rated as one of the top two commercials of 2013.)


    And finally, any time you talk about Super Bowl commercials, you have to mention the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time. And the award goes to:

    Apple’s 1984 commercial introducing Macintosh computers


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