Splash 'n Dash Fun Run

July 20th - 8:30am

Not just any other run, but a run with water balloons and splash zones!

In Baldwin Park.
Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL, 32814
(407) 502-3742
  • The Orlando Sport and Social Club will sponsor the Splash n Dash Fun Run on July 20, 2013. This run is not your average 4.5k race, however. The Splash n Dash Fun Run will consist of splash and dash zones, allowing participants to cool off from running in the Florida heat.

    The course's splash zones will consist of balloon attacks, water gun snipers, inflatable obstacles, slip-in-slides, and hose sprays. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own water weapon of choice, and 20 water balloons for pre-race activities. The race will not be timed because the runners will constantly put their attention on dodging water obstacles instead of focusing on sprinting to the finish line. At the end of the run there will be a monster balloon fight and an after party.

    All ages are welcome to attend, and registration ends July 18. If tickets are not sold out during the day of the event, it will cost $50 to run in the Splash and Dash Fun Run.

    The Splash n Dash Run will take place in Baldwin Park.

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