Blue Jacket Park

Orlando park boasting fields, pavillions, trails and 75 acres of space!

Near Glenridge Middle School.
2501 General Rees Ave., Orlando, 32814
(407) 246-2283
(407) 246-4286
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    This 75 acres of land was originally designated as space for the Orlando Naval Training Center. Today, it's a public park providing a variety of outdoor recreation, and stands as a reminder of the Navy personnel known as "Blue Jackets" who have served our country.

    The park provides all kinds of athletes with space to play. Basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and softball fields allow the public to enjoy a game of their favorite sports. Just call to reserve a court or field for your next match.

    Tracks and trails provide runners, joggers, walkers, and hikers with scenic pathways to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Children can enjoy the playground with swings and a slide, or play a game of tag in the open space.

    Amenities include shelters, picnic tables, parking, drinking fountains, sidewalks, restrooms, benches, bike racks, and a concessions stand.

    Blue Jacket Park is located in Baldwin Park near Glenridge Middle School.

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