Body 20

Improve your health and muscle tone with only 20 minutes of personalized workouts!

In Phillips Cross shopping center.
8081 Turkey Lake Rd., Suite 300, Orlando, 32819
(407) 363-0020
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    Body 20 are fitness specialists that offer personalized and high intensity training in a matter of 20 minutes. They're dedicated to improving strength, endurance, and eliminating body fat for a sculpted and toned body. Body 20 consists of one-on-one training with an instructor who can help you figure out and ultimately reach your health goals.

    This fitness center is ideal for people focused on improving wellness. Guests don't have to worry about any distractions or obstacles such as waiting for a machine, changing out weights, or cleaning off the equipment. Visitors can exercise in 20 minutes and then rest for 75 hours before another session.

    Body 20 is located in the Phillips Crossing shopping center.


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