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What is a craft beer? A craft beer, or microbrew, is basically a beer produced by anyone smaller than a large-scale beer corporation. Craft beers tend to incorporate local flavor, are made with special attention producing a top-quality taste, and feature unique designs and artwork on the bottle. Now where can you find some craft beer in Orlando? Orlando is a haven for craft beer lovers with a variety of bars and restaurants regularly turning out the best new brews, extravagant craft beer festivals held throughout the year, and even a couple of local craft beer breweries. Take advantage of Orlando's heart for beer enthusiasts with these events, articles, and bars to enjoy craft beer!

Festival of Bacon Orlando was one of those events you have to see to believe.


Written October 8th, 2013 by To Do Orlando G...

The much-heralded Festival of Bacon Orlando did not disappoint. Bacon cocktails, bacon beer, bacon desserts and, of course, lots of strips of bacon — it was everything we all hoped it would be.


(407) 796-2522
1205 N. Mills Ave.
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1-up your friends in this bar - arcade crossover.

Kona Brewing Co. represents at The Plaza Live's craft beer festival.

BIG Event, Small Breweries

Written June 3rd, 2013 by Diana Mainieri

American Craft Beer Week comes to The Plaza Live with beer sampling, dancing, and declicious food.

You will hear the sound of bagpipes absolutely everywhere you go at the Scottish Highland Games

Celtic Spectacle

Written January 12th, 2014 by To Do Orlando G...

The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games are a sight to see and a blast to participate in. From caber tossing to Quiddich (yes, Quiddich), this year's festival is a do-not-miss event.


(407) 939-3463
2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
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Watch your favorite sports events, dine on American food, and enjoy drinks and comfort at this Boardwalk sports bar and restaurant!

Hen House

(407) 849-0471
11 Wall St.
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Try some Moonshine at the World's Smallest Bardello!

Jerrod's Black Angus Steak House

(407) 354-3333
6231 International Drive
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Fire grilled steaks and ribs, breakfast buffet, and lounge!

Kush UltraLounge and Hookah Bar

(407) 843-5874
23 S. Court Ave.
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Over 50 flavors of tobacco at this lush, upstairs lounge.

Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour

(407) 893-9832
2810 Corrine Drive
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Named one of America's 100 best beer bars by Draft Magazine, this Audobon Park bar has more than 250 beers, including 26 rotating drafts!

Sonoma Draught House

(407) 730-3400
101 S. Eola Drive
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A craft beer house inspired by Northern California that offers 49 draught beers and more than 50 in the bottle.

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