FairyTale Dance Academy

A comfortable and fun environment for girls to learn how to dance: ballet, tap, and jazz!

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    FairyTale Dance Academy is a fun and encouraging way for young girls to learn how to dance in a safe environment. They'll have fun while they're dancing by dressing up, enjoying age-appropriate activities, and meeting other children their age. At FairyTale Dance Academy, girls learn ballet, tap, and jazz through engaging stories, fun props, songs and rhymes.

    FairyTale Dance Academy also has summer camps to keep kids active when they're out of school. Experiences at FairyTale academy, including recitals, are created to make dancers feel comfortable.

    Classes are sold as 8 or 12 week sessions, culminating in a recital. Having your child participate in the recital is optional. Along with tuition, there is a costume fee and recital fee to help pay for a venue. The additional fees are less than $100. There's also a $5 fee for each class for the children to make crafts that they can take home with them.

    FairyTale Dance Academy meets at different locations depending on the class, so check the schedule.

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