The Festival of Bacon comes to Orlando Festival Park on Oct. 5.

I Wanna Get Bacon Wasted!

The Festival of Bacon brings amazing bacon-y wonderfulness to Orlando Festival Park on Oct. 5!

  • I’m sure I lost most of the vegetarians with that title, but for those who remain, let us talk about the wonderful amazingness that is Bacon! Never before have I blogged about my experiences at an event before I actually attended said event, but I’m willing to make an exception for the Festival of Bacon. Because it’s going to be that good.

    Festival of Bacon will be held (rain or shine!) Saturday, Oct. 5, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at Orlando Festival Park, which is located off East Colonial Drive, kind of near downtown. Free parking is limited, so get there early. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online at And, because realizes how totally awesome this event is, we have a promo code just for you, which gets you $5 off and $10 in Bacon Bucks. Just enter the code TODAYS when purchasing your tickets. Easy as bacon pie!


    Enter promo code TODAYS for $5 off admission and $10 in Bacon Bucks, the official festival currency.


    Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about why this event is going to be so spectacular! Shall we start with the main attraction? More than 30 vendors will be concocting more than 30,000 bacon-inspired dishes for 4,000+ attendees to gorge on. Organizers are estimating that more than 5,000 pounds of bacon will be served in just eight hours! (Insert favorite pig joke here. Oink!)

    You may be imaging bacon burgers, bacon sandwiches, bacon eggs benedict, bacon-covered potato skins, bacon on stick — and yeah, all of those will be there. But there’s also going to be tons of bacon dishes you’ve never heard or dreamed of. Think bacon desserts, bacon cocktails, bacon sauces — and all of these delicacies will be vying for the coveted Best of Bacon award, which is bestowed upon the best bacon dish. Judges also have the difficult task of naming the Best Dessert-Style Bacon, Best Backyard Bacon Ninja and Top Bacon Cocktail.


    Missing all the amazing bacon dishes at the Festival of Bacon would be a grave mistake indeed.


    Bacon Bucks are the official currency of the Festival of Bacon. With your entry fee, you get plennnntyyyyy of free bacon dishes from which to choose! But with Bacon Bucks you can purchase premium bacon samples, beer, water and anything else your heart desires. $1 U.S.=$1 Bacon Bucks.

    A portion of the proceeds from the festival will benefit the really great Future 6 Helping Hands Foundation, which helps to create sports programs for underprivileged children in communities that otherwise couldn’t afford them. So not only can you chow down on 5,000 pounds of pig with zeal, but you can feel good doing it.

    You probably think I’m about to wrap this up like bacon around a scallop. Nope! There’s more. The festival also features live musical entertainment. While sipping your bacon cocktail you can enjoy the sounds of Vagabond Swing, Good Luck Penny, Kaleigh Baker, DJ Brian H and Ben Prestage. We guarantee the music genres are just as eclectic as the bacon dishes.

    And if you really want the ultimate bacon experience, you can purchase official Festival of Bacon apparel. There’s shirts for men and women, and also a poster for sale.

    Don't have a dog-sitter, and you don't like leaving your puppy alone for eight hours? Bring your favorite furry friend! Festival of Bacon is pet-friendly, so put that Labradoodle on a leash and let her tag along!

    OK, now I’m wrapping it up. Just like bacon around a filet.

    (Check back after the event for the official Festival of Bacon recap!)

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